The Method

"the coastline and reefs are where most of the garbage ends up"

Beach Clean-ups

Conducted in two stages during the earlier part of the year (March to June) the beach clean-ups are an essential way of helping keep the island relatively free of garbage.

Stage one runs between March and April and focuses on the beach side of the island, starting south of the Kapas Turtle Valley and ending on the northern end of the island along the beaches facing Pulau Gemia. Stage two which begins as the last of the monsoon swell ends, focuses on the rocky bays on the eastern side of the island and runs from May to July.

Group sizes can range from as low as 5 or 6 up to as many as 20. As a thank you for their efforts, participants are treated to a snorkelling session in and around the area cleaned and after returning, snacks and drinks.

Reef Clean-ups

Conducted between April and September the reef clean-ups will focus on removing foreign objects (nets, fishing lines, hooks, rope, etc) from the surrounding reefs. Split into two sessions a day, group sizes will be around ten and will be split into two groups to cover more area. A reef clean-up kit comprising, a knife, scissors and a bag to store the trash will be provided.

Inland Clean-ups

While the coastline and reefs are where most of the garbage ends up, occasional inland clean-ups (once a month) need to be done due to the trash being carried all over the island by wind, hight tides and human hands.

Art & Crafts Classes

While not directly related to the conservation of the island, these classes are crucial to injecting a little light hearted fun into the more serious activities. The following are a few ideas we've been working with:

Sign Making Workshop

Utilising the power of words, we have an ongoing sign making project where messages of love and appreciation for the environment are put up on sign posts and placed around the island.

Macrame Weaving

A popular hobby on many islands, macrame weaving classes will allow participants to get creative with their hands and have a little souvenir to remind them of their time helping out on Kapas.

Mobils / Dreamcatchers

As with the macrame weaving the dream catcher and mobil making classes will do a good job in keeping smiles on faces and leaving the participant with a little something to take away from the volunteering experience.

The Art Box

A permanent feature of the KBC, the Art Box is quite literally, a box filled with all kinds of art and craft materials open to all who want to add a bit of colour into the world.