The Idea

"the fight to keep Kapas naturally beautiful as it was, is and should forever be"

For many years now, signs have been pointing towards increasing environmental challenges being faced by the planet and the various forms of life that inhabit it. Changes need to be made and made fast if we are to continue enjoying life as we know it as the un-sustainability of our ways have pushed us close to the brink of a catastrophe.

Thankfully humanity has begun to respond in a number of ways with governments implementing changes to existing systems and legislati ons and societies implementing changes to their daily lives through the adoption of new technologies and practices. The present age of global connectivity has allowed the various groups and societies involved to share the results of these efforts has allowed for rapid improvements to be seen on the ground in various parts all around the world.

The following are some of the areas we want to begin with in our quest for sustainability:

Conservation of the island’s reefs,
coastline and jungle

Organising various activities and campaigns aimed at educating and involving both tourists and local residents alike in the fight to keep Kapas naturally beautiful as it was, is and should forever be.

Waste Management

Incorporating various technologies and promoting a set of practices and that would help reduce and refine the varieties and levels of waste the businesses on the island produce. An increased awareness of what we use and how we dispose of it is something that needs to be studied.

Sustainable Business Practices

Identifying and promoting various technologies and systems designed to reduce the impact of commercial businesses on the island. An example would be to introduce a set of do’s and don’ts on how snorkelling trips should be conducted to ensure minimal interference with the natural environment.

Compiling a Database of the
Island’s Flora and Fauna

To help get a better idea of what we have and how to better look after it, a database of the wide variety of life found on Kapas and its surrounding waters needs to be compiled. This we hope to do with the help of Universities and other research institutions.