Epibulus insidiator

Slingjaw Wrasse

The sling-jaw of E. insidiator is folded under its head when not in use. Photo KCC, 2017.

  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Class Actinopterygii
  • Order Perciformes
  • Family Labridae
  • Genus Epibulus
  • Species E. insidiator

Slingjaw Wrasse is a unique fish known for its protrusible jaws which they use to pluck prey from between coral branches. The lower jaw is not firmly attached to its skull and it can extent out to over half of its body size.

The slingjaw wrasse will shot it's jaw to snatch prey when spotted, swim upwards and spit out any inedibles like sand and rubbles. They feed on small crustaceans and fish. When not in use, the slingjaw is folded under its head.

They are found especially in area with rich stony coral. The fish grows up to 14 inches in length with striking sexual dichromatism, which is the occurance of 2 different kinds of coloring. Most female are brown and some are bright yellow. The males are dark brown